An International Reach

One World Research is staffed by a network of professionals with experience in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. The members of our highly mobile team can deploy quickly to almost anywhere in the world; for instance, to take affidavits in Afghanistan, investigate allegations of abuses by private security forces in Nigeria, examine incidences of questionable police practices in the United States, or conduct studies of social or economic rights issues in Nepal.

We can conduct background investigations and research for use in domestic or international advocacy, litigation, arbitration, investigations or hearings. We can also conduct investigations into alleged corruption and misconduct for governmental bodies, businesses, non-governmental organizations, donors, or international agencies.

Available Services:

  • Locating and interviewing victims, witnesses, relatives, friends, or employers

  • Searching databases, court records, and public documents

  • Collecting video, photographic, and physical evidence

  • Preparing quantitative analysis

  • Surveying or sampling discrete populations

  • Compiling research and writing reports

  • Documenting institutional discrimination

  • Investigating corruption and other misconduct

  • Compiling, cataloging, and preserving evidence for possible future litigation

  • Investigating government or jury misconduct in criminal trials

  • Providing surveillance

  • Securing signed declarations

  • Obtaining affidavits

  • Serving subpoenas

  • Locating and screening expert witnesses

  • Testifying at trial

  • Conducting general research on any topic